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GreenLight Laser Therapy

During the GreenLight™ procedure, Dr. Gholami uses a laser to remove the excess prostate tissue. The result is a larger channel for urine flow to pass through. Removing the excess tissue helps eliminate lower urinary tract symptoms. During the procedure, Dr. Gholami inserts a small fiber into your urethra through a cystoscope. The fiber delivers high-powered laser light. Blood inside the enlarged prostate tissue instantly absorbs the laser light, heating the tissue and causing it to vaporize. This process is continued until all of the enlarged prostate tissue has been removed.

GreenLight™ vs. TURP
The GreenLight™ procedure is similar to a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) procedure, except that it uses a laser instead of an electrical knife. Depending on your unique symptoms, condition and preferences, Dr. Gholami may recommend a GreenLight™ procedure, a TURP procedure, or both a GreenLight™ and TURP procedure in the same setting.

Where it is performed
Dr. Gholami performs the GreenLight™ procedure in a surgical outpatient center or hospital. The patient is usually put under general or spinal anesthesia for the duration of the treatment. Typically, no overnight stay is needed. However, in some cases when a patient travels a long distance, has other medical conditions to consider, or is in frail condition, an overnight stay may be recommended.

The follow-up post- GreenLight™ is the same as for post-TURP.

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